Thursday, January 22, 2004

Sheriff's Telemarketing Department Called

Gentleman, do we not pay enough taxes? In your day the burden was so light. How can be so heavy today and yet there still not enough?

The sheriff's department called today asking for a small donatation of $10. Donating gets you one of those nifty little stickers for your car. Surely, you know the one. It's your "get out of jail free card". Okay, I'm overstating it. More like a "Go easy on me, I'm on your side" sticker. But discrimenatory executions of the law aside, what exactly do our tax dollars pay for if not law enforcement? Really, how can anyone feel good about the sheriff's department having to stoop to telemarketing for funds? Or perhaps they have alterior motives? Also, I wonder if they are exempt from the new National Do Not Call Registry? ... I've confirmed it. Yes, they are exempt.

Honorable patriots, have we sunk so low as to beg for funds to ensure our security?

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