Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Full Tilt Right

And so now the tilt of power is on the threshold of full swing. With the confirmation of John Roberts to the Supreme Court all three branches of the government will be in the hands of the Republican party. Further solidification will come with the passing of Judge Rehnquist. The only measure fending the Republicans from complete takeover are five Senate seats and the filibuster. Should the Republican party succeed in taking these seats in 2006 and/or whittle away at the filibuster with their Nuclear Option, no recourse would be left to minorities.

Perhaps it not surprising that in this post-modern world when our Government, notably the right-wing, has "won" the Cold War and thus become the one world super-power, that She would now turn inward to further solidify one-party rule. History would teach us this to be the ultimate outcome of all power struggles. We may have hoped that our forefathers somehow stepped into a bold new History, leaving the old world behind for us to march confidently forward into an ever brightening future. But such seems not to be the truth. We are still balled-up in the tides on common treacheries.

What will soon come to pass: the endless erosion of our liberty.

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