Friday, July 22, 2005

Peak Oil's Alternative Doom

Another excellent source of information on Peak Oil. I must admit that I waiver in my worries on this topic. You see I truly believe we have the technologies to replace oil, cleanly and cost effectively. In fact I also tend to believe that it is very likely that the technologies exist (at least in a rough state) to rival the energy potential of oil by orders of magnitude. So I think there is hope. Unfortunately, I further suspect that the powers-that-be are not interested in the availability of such "limitless" supplies. No, I think they actually want the Oil Wars to happen. Its profitable after all, and will rid the world of many "unwanteds". But perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps we don't have the solutions to our energy problems stashed away under oligarchic guard. Alas in that case, we are even worse off. In that case we'd better get the R&D cash flowing pronto. But how likely is that? Somehow it seems the only real solution --the one that gets us effectively out of the dilemma and lifts up the entire world to a better place, is the very course of action least likely to unfold. Why? Because Man is simply, by His very nature, greedy. Isn't that singular problem with the world now?

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