Sunday, July 24, 2005

Vietnam 2.0 (beta)

Iraq is going to hell
and the war on terror is escalating.

By the looks of it we're on the verge of loosing this war. Of course we'll never admit it. Hell, we've never admitted to loosing Vietnam. We just "withdrew". Sounds about right here too. Invading Iraq was such a blunder. Our image is now mud. Our only hope is to win the war, but these administrative buffoons haven't a clue what their doing. Is it any more painfully obvious that they are unread men? History is replete with these scenarios.

But perhaps Bush & Co. doesn't really care. And why should they? His presidency will end in three more years and he and daddy, Cheney and their buddies can walk away filthy rich from warring and oil profits with a "don't blame the good guy" exit strategy.

The situation is on the verge. One more big boom in the U.S.A. and things will start to look really bleak. After further tightening down the hatches, such that Freedom becomes the baby thrown out with the bath water, another big attack will... well, then real despair sets in. Of course that is if you believe the ultimate culprits are indeed radical Islamists. I have my doubts.

But the worse part is the effect on the war on war itself. It's being shot to hell. How will ever find peace?

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