Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Need Energy? Burn Money!

The faux energy bill is finally set pass --the continuing signs of the U.S. downfall. Here's a summary of what it does.

  1. Gives billions of dollars in tax breaks and useless grants to oil companies.

  2. Erodes environmental laws, further reducing pollution safeguards.

  3. Deregulates the utilities sector to allow large utility mergers.

It isn't enough that the oil companies are already bulging with record profits. We have to give them more.

So What should an energy big contain?

  1. Provide grants for renewables research and subsidies for solar home upgrades.

  2. Increase pollution safeguards, giving tax relief to corporations for early compliance.

  3. Raise gasoline tax to encourage consumers to invest in fuel efficient vehicles.

This is a no-brainer and the fact that our government comes no where close to doing the right thing is a clear sign that corporations have hijacked the government and the people are powerless to effect change. It is an absolute shame. Americans should think very carefully about what ultimately brought down the Soviet Union, and then consider how those same principles are hard at work in the good old U.S. of A.

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